2017 Pour Over Ypsi

Sep 07, 2017

If you don’t know about the craft coffee scene in southeastern Michigan, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Pour Over Ypsi, our very own local coffee showcase presented by YpsiEats, Cultivate Coffee and TapHouse, and Ypsi Real, is back around for it’s third year! On Sunday, October 22 at Cultivate, you’ll be able to sample locally roasted craft coffees made by the many fine craft coffee roasters from Ypsi and its near neighbors.  

So what’s this “craft coffee?” What makes it stand out from my regular ol’ cup o’ Joe? Firstly, craft coffee will change your life. You’ll have tasted the best, and never go back. Craft coffee roasters pay great attention to detail throughout the process, first selecting quality beans from global farmers, then carefully roasting them to pull out their flavor and aroma. This careful focus and intent continues through in preparing and serving your beverage, so that you can enjoy exactly the drinking experience intended. And, the quality of the roast allows even those preparing their coffee at home to have a better cup. Coffee shouldn’t just be another tick off your daily list of to dos, when it can be an enjoyable, flavorful experience where the ritual of the roaster’s careful process passes from your cup into your body - if only for a few minutes of your day.

What’s a Pour Over? Simply, it’s a manual preparation of coffee that allows more accurate control of all the variables in the process so that you get exactly the cup of coffee you intended to get. It brings us back to a few of the tenets of craft coffee - intent and process. Many baristas prepare coffee in this way in shops for you, and you can even do it at home if you’re so inclined - a simple Google search of “pour over method” will guide you.  

At Pour Over Ypsi, you’ll be able to sample the enormous variety of locally roasted coffee we have available to us in the Ypsilanti area (seriously, even we were surprised at the beginning at the variety and quality of craft coffee available in our little part of Michigan). The roasters will be on-site preparing your coffee on the spot, available to tell you all about what it is you are drinking, where it came from, and what goes into the process of making each distinct coffee. Each ticket offers you twelve tokens, each exchangeable for a 4oz pour over sample and/or local baked goods. You can even buy a bag or six to take home with you! There will be local musicians, great company, and, of course, great coffee. Finally, a portion of proceeds will benefit Food4Farmers, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping commercial farmers in underdeveloped countries to create and maintain sustainable farming practices to feed their own families and communities.  

Come to Pour Over Ypsi, where we’ll show you a cup of coffee can be a lot more than you think.

Pour Over Ypsi
Sunday, October 22nd, 11-3pm
Cultivate Coffee and Tap House (307 N River St, Ypsilanti)
Tickets - $10 in advance, $12 day of



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