Ten Reasons to Experience POP-X

Aug 12, 2016

POP-X is a 10-day festival of pop-up art pavilions in Liberty Square in Downtown Ann Arbor. Featuring nine national artists, POP-X is a unique opportunity to explore art amongst the fall colors in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I. It is free and open to the public.
Enjoy this unique event, free of charge! Attending POP-X will provide a clear representation of the Ann Arbor area’s commitment and passion for the arts. A long history of making the arts accessible to locals and visitors, The Ann Arbor Art Center has become a pillar of the arts community for over 100 years.

II. The event is held in the heart of Downtown Ann Arbor.
Liberty Square is a hub for cultural events such as POP-X and Sonic Lunch. After perusing the pavilions, explore the rest of Downtown. Find a toothy restaurant to suite your tastes, shop till you drop at local stores, and explore free museums such as UMMA, or the UM Natural History Museum.

III. The First Bite opening ceremony will be delicious.
This event was specially designed to link dining experiences to art. On September 21, First Bite will give patrons the opportunity to meet the artists involved in POP-X while sampling delicious foods from Aventura or Isalita.

IV. Each artist pavilion is wildly unique...
The skill set of each POP-X artist is extremely diverse. Explore an homage to the creative spirit of Detroit by Andrew Thompson, and then exercise your artistry in the B.Y.O.A. (Bring Your Own Art) Pavilion by local chalk artist, David Zinn. FLY Children’s Art Center, Synecdoche Design Studio, and Ann Arbor Women Artists will present works to inspire thought surrounding social issues such as feminism and the Flint Water Crisis. Perhaps you will prefer the multimedia work of Donald Harrison and Martin Thornburn, the mixed media creations by Beth Billups, or the flowery exhibitions of Lisa Waud.

V. …and was expertly designed by a local architect.
Kreg Norgaard of Huron Building Company designed the pavilions with translucent structures which allow natural light inside during daytime, and artificial light in the evening, allowing them to glow as lantern-like beacons.

VI. There is also a Pub Pavilion.
The Ann Arbor area takes craft beer quite seriously, so it is no surprise it has found its place in POP-X. The Pub Pavilion is a four-stool pub experience that will serve up a tasting menu of beers curated by the Alley Bar.

VII. Attendees can participate in an additional public art project.
The City of Ann Arbor and the Ann Arbor Art Center are managing the selection of art to be installed along East Stadium Boulevard across from the Big House. On September 26, POP-X goers are invited to review artists submissions, and vote on the finalists during the month of October!

VIII. There are free activities for children.
FLY Children’s Art Center and Ann Arbor Women Artists are hosting a free Family Family Drop-In on September 25. In addition, there will be a series of local teen performances on September 28. Join the experience of all the talented local youth has to offer!

IX. You can attend free panel discussions.
Join POP-X for a series of Artist Talks and a panel discussion to delve deeper into the importance of the arts. The Artist Talks will give the opportunity for patrons to ask artists a broad range of questions regarding creativity, inspiration, and intention. The Art for Economic Development Panel will discuss the importance of the arts as an economic driver.

X. There’s a dance party!
On September 9, POP-X is hosting a dance party in Liberty Square! Enjoy the extended hours of the event, and dance the night away in Downtown Ann Arbor.

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